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"Whether you are seeking a content-based website or a site that involves database integration, the technological side is vital to the marketability of your product or services."

The functionality of a website is dependent on its development. The more site enhancements there are, the more technical development is required. For more sophisticated sites that demand data integration (e.g. banking, e-commerce, etc.), development is key. At AltaMinds, we are technical specialists. We are fluent in all popular programming languages and can develop websites, web applications and mobile apps as well. Currently, our team is capable working on the following:

Client-Side Platform: CSS, FLASH10, HTML5/XHTML, JavaScript1.8/jQuery, JAVA Applets, and Silverlight
Server-Side Platform: AJAX, ASP.NET, ColdFusion8, C++, C#, JAVA, PHP5.3, and Ruby/Ruby on Rails1.2.0
Database Platform: Apache, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
Payment Gateways:, MerchantExpress, PayPal and VeriSign

Our coding methods are clean and structured for maximum performance. We apply agile methodologies and develop applications with a long-term goal. Not only that, we pay special attention to the user interface, design and aesthetics.

Compatibility and Accessibility

Usability is prime and we code for maximum Internet browser compatibility. When you work with us you can be confident that your website will communicate and be up-to-date with today's Web standards. Our coding supports all popular Internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. In addition, we also code for mobile compatibilty - this includes the Blackberry, iPhone and Droid. Compatibility, usability and accessibility are all important to us. That is why we hand-code our scripts carefully. We make sure uploaded colors and fonts are web-safe and that all codes meet standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Customized Management Systems

Each industry is different and requires a unique tool for web management. At AltaMinds, we offer customized management systems. With these powerful tools, you will be able to have complete control over your website. To learn more about the management systems, click here.

Enterprise-Level Security

One of the most important (and often neglected in the development world), is network security. Although Internet security has improved with various firewall softwares, cyber crimes are still on the rise. New viruses, worms and malwares are being uploaded to the web each minute. At AltaMinds, we take Internet security seriously. Databases are stored on dedicated IP's and we apply Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on sites whenever possible. In addition, we encript content on our servers to battle against hackers.

Contract Our Team

If your organization already has a developer, we can still work with you. At times, you may need to meet deadlines or have some technical problems resolved. Let us work with you to find solutions. We are great at meeting short deadlines and pride ourselves in having superior customer service. Whether you are seeking web development, professional consultation and/or quality assurance, our team is dedicated to providing you first-class web development services.