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"More than just facilitating function and flow, a great website should provide an online experience for your visitor that engages their senses, captivates their emotions and establishes a solid foundation for your brand."

The User Experience: Research. Design. Test. Repeat.

The ultimate goal in creating a website for your company is to increase awareness of your products/services. But to effectively influence your target to respond to a call to action, you must first engage them. This is accomplished by creating a positive user experience. Through research and ongoing development, AltaMinds develops a site that is user-focused and initiates action from your target. A strong emphasis is placed on:

  • Look and Feel - Is the website inviting, comfortable and pleasant to look at?
  • Information Architecture - Is it easy and simple to navigate through the site? Is the information easy to access and find?
  • Interactivity - Is there a consistent object-action and action-object reaction? Are users easily confused or frustrated?

A well structured site incorporating these elements will improve conversion rates, increase adoption, enhance customer satisfaction and separate your site from the competition.

Customer Experience Research

Throughout the Market Research Analysis, information will be revealed about the target market that will create a clear focus for your website. This demographic information assists in creating a theme that appeals to the customer's wants and needs, and satisfies your niche focus.

AltaMinds takes this research a step further and analyzes how the user interacts with pages on the web. This information, along with the the target's demographic profile, allows AltaMinds to create a User Profile that contributes to the overall development of the site.

The User Profile influences the structure and creation of the interface as well as navigation capabilities. This is done to accommodate the preferences of the user to ensure greater ease in usability.

Creating a Consumer Profile

Because the user is such an integral part of the success of a website, it is important to understand how they use the Internet. Creating a profile of consumer habits as they relate to the Internet is critical. The Consumer Profile analyzes the target's Internet habits, like:

  • Amount of time spent using the Internet
  • Browsers being used
  • The sites they visit
  • Utilization of additional online resources

The overall development and structure of the site are heavily dependent on this data to create a site that engages and builds trust and rapport with the user.

Processes Optimization/Development

With the Market Research completed and the creation of both a User and Consumer Profile of your target accomplished, AltaMinds is equipped to begin the process of structuring and developing your site. Processes Optimization/Development is the operation of structuring the site with the user in mind. This includes:

  • Creating a consistent aesthetic
  • Establishing ease in flow
  • Constructing clear navigation capabilities
  • Utilizing elements that cater to user desires and habits

AltaMinds addresses all of these factors to ensure your customer feels comfortable at your site and continues to be engaged throughout each page.

Design and Testing - Rinse and Repeat

The design of your website is influenced by many factors. Our team takes all previous research into consideration to create an aesthetic that your users desire while complementing your brand image. Once your site has been designed and constructed, it will go live.

But the development does not stop here.

Our Research team continues to monitor the use of your site to ensure that it is successfully serving the purpose it was built for. The team uses analytics to assess several aspects of the site:

  • Where your visitors are spending their time
  • The length of time they spend there
  • The volume of traffic throughout the site

This information is taken into consideration and adjustments are made where needed to increase your conversion rate, or the response to your given call to action. This ongoing testing is the most important part in creating a long-term successful website.