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"Researching, compiling, organizing and expressing your site's main objective and creating a strong foundation for design and web development."

Website Information Architecture Design

Building a successful website requires a strong foundation built on research, planning and organization. One key step in constructing a solid site is the development of the Site Architecture. This is the process of planning and organizing elements of the site such as:

  • Information that will be included in the site
  • Amount of content to be included
  • Number of pages the site contains
  • Links that connect the pages
  • Process flows used within the site
  • Web standards that will be utilized

At AltaMinds, we work tirelessly to develop a comprehensive and detailed Site Architecture that acts as a map for the rest of your website. Click here to view a sample site architecture we'd created in the past. As you can see, this does not only help provide a clear picture for businesses that work with us, it also ensures logical execution for each member of our team throughout the development process and facilitates fluid progression from one phase to another.

Proper, timely execution is our goal and mindful preparation is the means by which we accomplish this.