Case Studies


Client: Air Superiority -

Problem: Air Superiority sold and installed bird and owl boxes beginning back in 1998, targeting specifically San Diego County, CA. The owner saw potential in selling nationally and decided to market the products online. Although there is a market, the site was not converting much sales.

Solution: Recognizing the traffic that the site was already receiving, we focused on the usability as well as the branding of Air Superiority. We went with Barn Owl Boxes as the name and expressed a different feel to the audience. Visitors needed to feel trust and confidence when buying online.

Not only did the current site get a facelift, we also added new images, quality banners and articles, full product descriptions, and a user-friendly shopping cart.

The Result: Within the first month after launching, the site achieved a 253% increase in sales compared to previous month’s averages. Prior customers were introduced to the new site and left nothing but positive feedback and remarks. The owner was pleased and now looks forward to a Google PPC campaign to add even more traffic to the site.

Testimonial: "I trust AltaMinds. Please keep up the good work." – Tom

Client: BioMat MDs -

Problem: BioMatWorld competes in the highly competitive field of holistic medicine. They needed a way to stand out from the competition and give customers a reason to purchase from them, and not the competitors.

Solution: We completely redid their previous site, creating a new logo, color scheme and branding strategy. We highlighted the benefits of the product on the home page, and highlighted the testimonials and "Why BioMatWorld" to give visitors a reason to buy from them.

A fully customized and easy to use eCommerce system was built into the site. This enabled BioMatWorld to upload products, update pricing, inventory and manage up-sell functions. We also developed a fully targeted AdWords campaign and SEO strategy to drive traffic to their site.

The Result: Client was ecstatic. The site reflected the company's image and the re-branding was a success. BioMatWorld ranked on page 18 of Google for some of the competitive and targeted keywords on the first week launched. The site later ranked on page 3 and saw an instant 17% rise in traffic the second week. BioMatWorld continues to improve search rankings. As of August 2010, the term "biomats" ranks on page 2 of Google from 9,890 search results.

Testimonial: "Wow, You guys are on it. WooHoo..we're on the first page!!! This is so awesome. Thank you for your quick action. Much appreciation. And we are very appreciative of the extra time you have put in."

"You folks continue to impress me." – Gail, Carrie, Suzanne

Client: U.S. National Park Service -

Problem:A 300-page Word document was to be convert into a user-friendly, navigable, and aesthetically-pleasing HTML file for online viewing.

Solution: We printed out the entire document and arranged it into various sections. We created a style guide that was consistent with their current site and mapped out the site architecture and process flows.

After extensive planning and creating a strong foundation, we designed a simple HTML site that reflected their current design while maintaining the format of the 300-page document. We built an intuitive navigation with breadcrumb trails, chapters, sub-pages and optimized the site for viewing on all browsers.

The Result: The folks at Yosemite Park couldn't have been happier. They expected an HTML doc but received a complete, well thought-out and user-friendly website that fit with their current site design.

Testimonial: "I have now gone over the whole thing. It is exquisite. What marvelous work you have done! Thanks again for your excellent and conscientious work."

"You are indeed exceeding my expectations." – Joanie