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"At AltaMinds, we believe that everyone should be informed before making a decision."

In providing professional web services, we commit to quality consultation to understand your organization, finding solutions that tailor to your needs. We value high ethical standards in external and internal relationships, establishing credibility and trust.

Our team loves what we do and our enthusiasm will show in our work. When you work with us, you are surrounding yourself with people who are genuinely concerned about your success. If you are not satisfied with our services, we have not done our job and take full responsibility to correct that. Needless to say, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Rules We Live By

There are an infinite amount of ways an organization can seek revenue. But what defines a company is its values. At AltaMinds, our team takes the vow:

  1. to accept our position with care and respect;
  2. to practice our profession with sincerity and spirit;
  3. to understand our industry is an art as well as a science;
  4. to provide quality work and service in good faith;
  5. to engage in efforts to find solutions to issues central to our responsibilities;
  6. to seek guidance with humility when lacking skills beyond our expertise;
  7. to take the initiative to communicate to with team and stakeholders; and
  8. to invest in our development as well as the development of our community.

Let's Partner Up!

Partner - "A person or organization you are closely involved with in some way" - Cambridge Dictionary

Collaborating is an important aspect of both productivity and quality work. At AltaMinds, we believe that synergy fuels a powerful energy. Working together as a team enables the development of new ideas and innovations.

Partnership is the key to our success. The "Grand Coulee Dam was not built by one individual, nor by the community of the Inland Northwest. It took the hands from all around the world! The result: the largest single electric power facility in the United States!

Involvement of organizations and groups is what cultivates a great community and our team. In elaborating our values, we dislike referring to those we work with as clients or customers. Instead, we use the term “partners” because we feel it best resembles the relationship we embark on different companies and organizations.