Personal Statement

Victor Nguyen - Personal Statement

Trabajo duro

Thank you for taking the time to look through this website. Starting a company is no easy task and is the work and support of many aside from myself.

In it's fourth year, we've managed to complete over 15 full-fledged deployments, 50 websites, and countless mini-projects from clients across the country. The mission of AltaMinds is to provide great service in web development, and we've kept this by working along a set of principals we've followed through the years. In fact, all of our members undergone a pledge and even had this memorized! To learn more about our philosophy, please click here.

Working with us, you can be assured that we take the work with genuine care and hard work. If you are not satisfied with our services, we have not done our job and take full responsibility to correct that.

- Victor Nguyen, Principal
(Pier 39, Looking out at Alcatraz, SF, CA)

Mucho aprecio

It started back in 2009 when two guys, Victor Nguyen and Aaron Krall, seeked a way to get off the rut from the urban sprawl. At the time, Victor was living in Honolulu, Aaron, in New York City. After days of consulting, the two decided to drop their careers in pursuit of an entrepreneurial endeavor in web developement. With a background in technology and marketing, Victor and Aaron united in Spokane, WA., and AltaMinds was founded.

The first year was rough, but a learning experience not to forget. 2010 involved advertising the name, using current networks, and working hard to establish new networks. By the end of the year, AltaMinds closed a contract and completed two projects that forever changed the game. It was learned that through hard work and presistency, anything can be done!

Today, the business has relocated to the bay area, but still retain it's great services in online marketing and web development. We probably won't grow big like Google, Apple or Microsoft, but we will remain loyal to our local businesses and continue to reach out to the community offering a one-of-a-kind service unmatched by the big guys!

Since it was founded, the AltaMinds team have taken many forms. Dozens of individuals have worked to build the brand and we own a big thanks to all that have made it possible. AltaMinds thanks its' clients and everyone else that has been instrumental in the development of name and brand, including Paulo Nelson Dichone, Jacob Albert, Carey Jackson, Heather & Jason Olsen, Beau Adams, Joanne Vega, Michael Harris, Stan Bozhinov, Candice Adrian, Mitch Rickman, Laura Chang, and for all those soon-to-be-recognized that was not mentioned.