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"AltaMinds, thank you so much for agreeing to help with the Spokane Public Radio Spring 2010 Membership Drive. This very important fundraising effort just could not be done without the assistance of Spokane Public Radio supporters like yourself!" - Stephanie Ingoldby (April 21, 2010)

Helping Our Community

Our business is not confined to our web services. At AltaMinds, we believe in community involvement, charity and citizenship. Each month our team dedicates a total of 12-18 hours toward community service within the community. The power of working together is potent, and community service is only a part of giving back to those who have given so much.

While this may be a small contribution to the world, we hope to inspire others to do the same. Whether it's a canned-food drive or storytime for the children, we are committed to lending a hand. Are there any events or services with which we can assist? Please contact us and share with us how we can pitch in.

2% to Non-Profits

At AltaMinds, our staff takes pride in supporting non-profit organizations. As a member of our company and community, each of us vows to individually donate a minimum of 2% to non-profit organizations.

Currently, we donate to the following organizations: Camp Fire USA, Children’s Miracle Network, Community-Minded Television, Crosswalk Teen Shelter, the IHFS Foundation, and LDS Philanthropies. To learn more about whom we support or share an organization you would like us to support, please contact us.

100% Home Grown

Whenever you make a purchase within the community, you help contribute to the growth and stability of that community. The creation, development, and optimization of web services demands an emic eye with a local perspective. By working locally, we feel we are better equipped to accomodate our partner’s needs and deliver extraordinary customer service. When doing business with AltaMinds, be assured that your project is placed with talented professionals, all here at home.

15% Referral Bonus

We appreciate your business and hope you will find our services valuable. Never before has internet marketing been so crucial. Our hope is that by delivering exceptional web and partner-focused solutions, we will inspire you to share your testimonials with your peers. Right now, take advantage of our 15% Referral Bonus Program. For each completed transaction, you and your referral will each receive 5% cash-back from the sale. In addition, you will receive another 5% credit towards future projects with AltaMinds. For more details, please contact us.