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Meet the team!

Michael Harris, Research Specialist

Michael Harris

Market research is the fundamental backbone of a great marketing plan and Michael knows that. Not only is he fluent in finding exceptional data, he also utilizes tracking tools and analyzes user data from web stats to draw a strong knowledge base of what a client is up against. Is a competitor developing a similar product another may be manufacturing? What will be the emerging trends for a certain target market? Michael is fast, and you can feel the delivery heat on his quality reports.

Clients share that Michael is flexible, patient and a great team player. Outside of AltaMinds, Michael is an emeritus scholar on contemporary moral issues, business and occupational ethics, and social, political and moral theory.

Victor Nguyen, Marketing Director, Principal

Victor Nguyen

Having lived in multiple countries and worked for a number of major global corporations, Victor has developed a very unique perspective on marketing and the world. He has helped define marketing strategies of many companies, taught academically in a variety of settings and worked closely with a number of influential individuals.

"There are lots of companies that understand design, and other companies that understand effective marketing, but few that combine them both," says Victor. “A website isn’t just a marketing tool, it’s what defines your organization.”

When he's not working on marketing plans, you can find him out doing community service or jamming melodies on his guitar.

Joanne Vega, Project Manager

Joanne Vega

Having guided multiple small and large companies through their first social media and website marketing projects, Joanne has the first-hand knowledge to assist clients through the intricate maze that we casually refer to as the internet. She is a true online marketing ninja and doesn't mind volunteering her skills to help and educate others. You will find her offering advice and looking for new, challenging, and unique ways to experience the world around every corner.

Among other things, Joanne is vice president of the Spokane Coeur d'Alene Reef Society and keeps one of the only pairs of Anampses chrysocephalus west of the Rockies in a home aquarium. I guess you can call her a true fish enthusiast!