What differentiates AltaMinds from other web services businesses?

At our company, we believe that thorough knowledge fuels good decisions. Not only do we provide information about web services, we also do a complete diagnostic of your company to better understand you. Sometimes, people call us web doctors. When you are doing business with AltaMinds, we will dissect the needs of your organization and equip you for success.

Do you outsource any of your work?

No. AltaMinds has an in-house team comprised of local individuals who all reside in the Inland Northwest. To ensure top customer service and quality, all of the consultations, web coding, content, design, programming, development and optimization are done entirely within the Inland Northwest, 100%.

Why the Inland Northwest?

The Inland Northwest is a smaller big city with a unique culture, identity and personality. In portraying our values, this region best captures our company’s vision and mission statement of community, family, teamwork, and love of the outdoors.

Who is your target?

We offer services to small to mid-sized companies, non-profits and the government. Our services are more geared towards the Inland Northwest. Advertising and marketing approaches vary depending on the region and our backgrounds tend to aid more within this area. When selecting a company for Web services, it is important to network with an organization that understands the area and can attune to the local trends.

Can I trust you with my information?

Any information you provide to AltaMinds is held with the strictest of confidentiality. We will not share any of your personal or business information with any outside source or third-parties.

How long does a website usually take? How much is this going to cost?

AltaMinds will work with you to determine your needs and what your time constraints are. After we have an understanding of what your goals are we can give you an accurate estimate of when your Website will be completed and the cost.

Will you design our brochures, business cards and logo?

Although these services are outside of our specialty, we do offer these services. Please contact us for more information.

Where is your resource page?

At AltaMinds, be value education; thus, all of the resources are readily available on the home page. Just click on our logo and it will redirect you to our home page. On the left column should be valuable information. If you cannot locate an relevant articles, please e-mail or call us.

What is your contact information and business hours?

We are open Monday through Fridays, 9:30AM to 5:00PM (PST). You may call us, fax, or e-mail. Tel: (509)850-3400, Fax: (509)850-3500, E-mail: You may also snail-mail us at: AltaMinds, PO BOX 851, Veradale, WA. 99037. We try to reply in less than 48 hours.

Do you give discounts or referral bonuses?

If you or your organization belongs to a non-profit organization or do community services, fax to us verifications and we will gladly apply a 7% discount on your total purchase. We also give a total 15% bonus on referrals. You can read more about the Referral Bonus Program here.

Do you contribute to the community?

Yes. Each team member at AltaMinds donates 1% of his/her salary to a charity organization of our choice. We also spend 12-18 hours a month donating our time to local organizations. If you would like for us to participate for your cause, please contact us. Read more about our community involvement here.

Can I work for the AltaMinds team?

We live in an exciting time of growth and development. Currently, we are not hiring. However, positions do open up and you may be the one. Send us a resume at:

Will AltaMinds perform at my son’s birthday party?

Our HTML/CSS comedy routine is wildly popular and kids love our “Grow Your Business;” gift bag (complete with SWOT graphs, financial data analysis spreadsheets, fake business licenses and EIN numbers, plus a worn copy of “Think and Grow Rich”.)

Does AltaMinds give out free cookies?

No, sorry. But check out Rocket Bakery - their cookies are to die for.